"Death is Only the Beginning” 

Occult thriller by Brandon Notch

Death is only the beginning

         This is a story of a man who has mastered the ability of artistic 

expression through extrasensory, clairvoyance, and occult powers; while 

conflicted within his own thoughts, reflects upon his dark past. Living life 

the hard way, broke and homeless, one will do just about anything. 

Bringing illumination to the dark side of things like the alchemist that 

have come before his time, working with magic and unknown forces he 

mistakenly sparks a transformation becoming, “The Tattooist” and 

blurring the line between worlds. He sells his soul to the devil and walks 

that common path as his demons come out to play dancing under the 

moonlight. Fighting to survive amongst stone cold killers while hoping to 

see a glimmer of light penetrate to the depths of hell. The big end becomes 

the new beginning as this mad man tattoos a spectrum of color into your 

subconscious, a place where only black once resided. Come along on this 

journey as we search for enlightenment, and seek the true meaning of life 

while riding in a car full of murderers. 

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All artwork and tattooing by Brandon Notch aka:Sacred Saint (copyright) Sacred Saint Studio and Art Gallery CA.