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Working in San Bernardino, CA. out of my comfortable, private, and 

professional studio.

For the convenience of my out of state clients Email me for hotel info.

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  • I work by appointment only 7 days a week...  New clients must email 

me to set up some time to make a consultation before i will book an 

appointment. I recommend that you set up your consultations a week or 

two ahead, because my calendar books up fast. I always keep some days 

open for my existing clients (to keep the large work going). An 

appointment can be made for your tattoo at the time of your consultation.

--Tattoo Hourly Rate



  • Waiting List 

   I get an average of two to three canceled appointments every month so i 

email out the days and times too my waiting list clients to fill the 

days/time. It is a first come fist served bases on the Waiting List/will call. 

The Waiting List is not an Appointment and will not guarantee you a 

tattoo session, but it can get you into my Client list faster.

  • Tattoo Consultation 

   Do not forget to tell me about your new tattoo. What you are looking to 

get tattooed, Size, Location, Style, Etc.*** Before you book a consultation 

I recommend that you put a wish list together starting with #1 being the 

most important, the main subject. (dragon, etc.) The secondary subject, 

(Japanese flowers, etc.) And last but not least the background, (wind bars, 

waves/water, fire etc.). Don't forget any photos you may have to show me 

the style of tattoos you like. I get allot of people asking for Japanese art 

just to find out they really wanted tradition old school artwork. The 

photo’s will tell me more about what you like in a tattoo.

  • Tattoo Appointment 

   The fastes way to get a tattoo appointment and in my client list is to sign 

up on the waiting list (will call). Out of state and traveling clients can send 

deposits / funds through Apple PayPayPal or Venmo. Please make sure 

to include your name and email along with a callback number if you are 

requesting a consultation time. You will get nothing short of 

Top quality, Clean, Safe, Artistic Tattooing by internationally 

recognized artist Brandon G Notch

   I Need To Say Thank You To My Clients/Friends.. My clients are the 

biggest influences in my work;they give me the skin and inspiration to 

create. Somethings you just can't do with paint on canvas.Like have your 

work out for every one to see, moving around to new eyes each day.Don’t 

get me wrong, it is real important to work out some of the artistic 

frustration with paint on canvas, ink on paper, etc. It keeps your mind 

fresh and working so you can see what is out side the box. Thank You.. 

yOU rOCK!!! 

*** Let's tattoo the world with art. ***

  Thank You, 

Brandon Garic Notch

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All artwork and tattooing by Brandon Notch aka:Sacred Saint (copyright) Sacred Saint Studio and Art Gallery CA.