About Brandon Notch

          I am an independent artist, actor, storyteller, writer, tattooist,

 philanthropist, member of San Bernardino Masonic Lodge number 178, 

and a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

          I have been tattooing professionally since the fall of 1998, and an

 artist all of my life. In the beginning I was nothing more than a punk ass

 kid, and started getting into trouble at really young age. The truth is I 

don't know why I chose tattooing as a career, it just seemed to happen, a

 string of cause-and-effects I suppose. All I wanted to do with my life was

 to make a difference with my artwork. I think the first time I became

 interested in tattooing I was probably around fourteen years old. I recall

 seeing a tattoo on this guy when I was in juvenile hall. I remember this

 tattoo like it was yesterday, and actually I might have been younger than

 fourteen. This guy had a gigantic black and gray skull with red flames on

 his rib cage. Upon seeing it I was thinking to myself, "That is so awesome,

 but I know I could do better job than that." At that point in my life I told

 myself, "I must learn how to paint in the skin. Tattooing was something I

 had to do." I made up my mind and there was no going back, I was going

 to become a tattooist. All I wanted to do from that point on was to learn

 how to tattoo; it was the only thing I thought about. I had to find out how

 to get the career to land into my lap, and it took much dedication,

 persistence, and time for it to materialize into reality. 

          Soon out of juvenile hall I started to get alot of tattoos by many

 different artists. I figured one way I could learn was by observing. I

 absorbed any knowledge I could, and was astounded by the complete

 process. I learned individual techniques and artistry tricks with each

 tattoo I received. Charlie Roberts did some of my early tattoos and he

 didn't know it at time, but he taught me a lot. At the moment I was working

 for my father doing architecture drawing, conceptual sketches, and

 painting public murals in my spare time. I went out one afternoon and

 bought a tattoo magazine because artists I knew were in it. Looking

 through it I found an advertisement of Dennis Dwyers tattoo machine kits.

 That planted the seed that would start my career. The minute the money

 was in hand I had already spent it. With such excitement I ordered a set of

 machines and tattoo equipment. The anticipation was building up every 

day waiting for that equipment to arrive. Now with the proper tools all I 

needed was a teacher, so I started calling my local tattoo shops asking 

around about an apprenticeship. No one was taking on apprentices at the 

time unless you had five thousand dollars in hand, and the ability to work 

for free for over year. I Just spent the last of my money  on equipment and 

was broke. So I ran into a brick wall so to speak. But with a little luck on 

my side, about a week later I ran into Diamond Dave Rothburg owner of 

Body & Soul Tattoo, and he asked me to come down to the shop. 

         After talking for a bit, I showed him my sketchbooks and some 

pictures of murals I have done. He must have liked what he saw, and he 

took me on as an apprentice soon after. Now at that moment in time I 

dropped out of school and received my GED. I was working full time with 

my father (7am-11am) then at the shop (noon-6pm). After work I attended 

night school at Pasadena Art Institute and soon after that I took classes at 

Cal Arts. I hardly slept during the duration of that first year.  Within time I 

became a working tattoo artist receiving a small percentage with 

the 70/30 split as an apprentice in training. I was making just enough 

money to work at the shop full time so I quit my other jobs and I never 

looked back.

          So I was apprenticed by Diamond Dave Rothburg, out of Body-and-

Soul Tattoo in Sherman Oaks, Ca. I tattooed at Body-and-Soul until 

December of 1999 when I moved to Seattle, WA. I was in a bad place in 

my life at that time and I had to leave to keep my sanity and it possibly 

saved my life. So Seattle became my way out, after driving through the 

night I searched and quickly found a job tattooing at Greenlake and 

Lynwood tattoo studios. I found myself working there until late April of 

2000. Living the tattoo gypsy lifestyle, I enjoyed meeting new people and 

experiencing new things. I got a two week guest spot at Top Tattoo in 

Seattle. I had so much fun there working with the crew, and learned more 

and more every day I was there. The artists were the owners and 

that made all the difference. 

         They gave me an opportunity to stay on even after the two weeks 

were up. They rearranged the shop to create a new station that 

would become my home for the next few months. After listening to the 

artists telling stories of their travels working around the world, I quickly 

became mesmerized with the idea of being a traveling artist, and 

eventually caught the bug. I stayed there working and learning until that 

overwhelming urge to travel bubbled to the surface. So I went on the road 

again leaving Top Tattoo sometime in December of 2000, and went on my 

own self fulfilling journey traveling through parts of Europe including 

France and England to further my study of the most unique art forms from 

oil painting to body art. (painting in the skin - tatouage - and as we call it 

in the west, tattooing.) 

Sacred Saint tattoo Brandon notch logo

          Upon returning to the states now sober and 

thinking clearly, I moved out of Seattle WA. 

and back down to Los Angeles CA. I was working in 

a booth at Ink Slingers Ball, a tattoo convention, 

where I met Kat Von D (Katherine Von 

Drachenberg) who was the manager at Blue Bird 

Tattoo in Pasadena CA. After talking for a bit I 

explained to her that I just moved back down to LA and was looking for 

shop to work in. She without delay offered me a job and I started working 

at Blue Bird tattoo studio. I was there until I eventually got fired for using 

too much MadaCide, a disinfectant, and costing the shop money the owner 

said. I was just keeping it safe for me and my clients, go figure, ha. So I 

immediately found a new shop and I started working at Nathan's studio in 

good old San Fernando Valley. I tattooed there until I built a large enough 

clientele and bank roll to open my first shop back in Pasadena CA called 

SACRED SAINT STUDIO. It’s location just so happened to be in the exact 

spot of Blue Bird tattoo, they permanently closed it's doors just months 

after I was fired.

          I owned that studio for about five years and had the time of my life 

working with my crew. It was sad to let it go and have it end, but I learned 

and grew so much from it, and nothing last forever. I was now going 

through some of the hardest times in my life. I lost one of my best friends 

from a drug over dose and was closing my shop due to money troubles. 

But I soon learned that only at the time when I may seem to be at my 

weakest is when I'm at my strongest. After taking a short time off I started 

over, built a nice small private studio in Glendale to work in, until I had 

the urge and money to open a street shop once again. So I worked by 

appointment only in my Glendale Studio for about a year or two, but still 

didn't have enough money to get a new shop up and running. So I sold my 

house, cars, and mortgaged everything left. I sold most of my possessions, 

got to love eBay, and was able to buy my new building in East LA that was 

Sacred Saint Skin and Art Gallery Los Angeles CA. At the time it seemed 

like a good idea and it worked out for little bit. My savings were quickly 

deplenished and the studio was not making enough money to pay the 

mortgage plus bills. I found myself in the same situation as before, making 

the same mistakes.  

          Eventually having to sell the building and closed the studio, again 

due to financial reasons. This artistic profession is not like it once was, 

now with a shop on every corner undercutting each other like we are 

competing for the same skin. This craft is now surrounded by an industry 

feeding off of the artists and in some cases making it difficult for the artist 

to make a decent living... I ultimately went back on the road realizing at 

that moment that the times past would never be the same. I eventually 

found myself in San Bernardino California now working out of my private 

studio by appointment only. I like it that way better, no distractions. My 

journey was not an easy one, I came across many dead ends and have 

experienced much hardship, but then again nothing worth doing is easy. 

The fact is tattooing saved my life, at least for the time being. The reality 

that I can make a living by doing something I really enjoy like creating art 

is a privilege, and I will never again take it for granted. In the skin or on 

the canvas I enjoy creating unique pieces of art, and with your help 

we will tattoo the world with art. 

          I would like to thank English Craig who has been kind enough to 

give me so much useful information and support during my 

apprenticeship, Also Charlie Roberts for giving me my fist real tattoo. 

I learned so many helpful hints and tips along the way from every artist 

I have worked beside. I would also like to thank my father, he has always 

been supportive, and ever since I could pick up a pencil he has been there 

to guide me. 

          The largest influence to me and my artwork is my clients. They are 

the ones that make it all happen, they come to me with the ideas and I just 

do my thing. There would be no pushing ink with out the skin. Another 

influence of my tattooing/art, is seeing other artists pushing the limits. It 

drives me to go bigger, brighter and cleaner in my artwork, drive right 

past the ledge ,and start to fly so to speak. I love to see my art evolve and 

progress before my eyes. I think the things I enjoy most about tattooing, 

besides the fact that I love art, is the permanence of the artwork, the 

commitment one must make. I love the feeling of selling my artwork to 

people who like it. I also enjoy all the different people I meet from every 

aspect of life. My favorite tattoos are big, bold, colorful, and a little bit 

rugged in some way. As far as my tattooing career is concerned, it is 

important to me that I never stop learning… 

          If anyone has any questions relating to the tattoo profession or 

would like to make an appointment or consultation, you can contact me 

through email. As of Jan. 2011 I closed my shop in Los Angeles 

California, and have my new home base in San Bernardino CA. Most of 

my clients consist of referrals, and with the shop far away from downtown 

Los Angeles I do not get walk-ins and nor do i allow them. A majority of 

my clients are referred by other people in the art world or existing clients 

of mine. The shop is a very pleasant and private environment where 

anyone that comes in can feel comfortable and relaxed. I offer the highest 

quality of standards in cleanliness and in the art of tattooing. Email me to 

talk about your future tattoo. — I work by appointment only. — New 

clients must email me to set up some time to make a consultation before I 

will book an appointment. I recommend that you set up your consultation 

a week or two ahead because my calendar books up fast. Sometimes 

a month ahead just for consultations and months ahead for appointments, 

but I always try to keep some days open for my existing clients (to keep 

the large works going) .

          The importance of understanding cross contamination in the tattoo 

Artist and Author Brandon Notch 3

industry is one of my highest concerns: I offer the 

highest quality of standards in cleanliness, cross 

contamination, and blood-borne pathogens in the 

tattoo industry. I give a lot of the props to all the 

guys and girls at Top Tattoo in Seattle WA. They 

taught me the importance of education in 

cleanliness and blood-borne pathogens, its not all 

just about art. So I owe a big thanks to them, AL D 

and Sky Renfro, they showed me the Light.


Certification:  I am certified in Blood borne Pathogens and renew 

my certification every year to keep it fresh in my mind. which is a valuable 

asset in allowing clients to make well-informed decisions regarding a new 


I have been a member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists since 



  • Building shit (using tools) or wrenching on my Harley Davidson.

  • Riding the open road on my Ironhorse or splitting lanes in traffic.

  • Snowboarding, skateboarding, working out, painting, drawing, writing, 

and Creating. 

  • Target practice (Shooting Sports) like IDPA and three gun competitions.

*   Birth date:  4/16/1979

*   Heroes: My Family… My love...

*   Interest: Philanthropy, Philosophy, Nature, Art, Science, and 

consciousness studies.


You will get nothing short of Top quality, Clean, Safe, Artistic

Tattooing by internationally recognized artist Brandon G Notch.


Brandon Notch tatooing painting



  • No children under 18 allowed in the studio - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

  • You must be 18 years old with a valid state issued photo ID to get 


  • Appointments ONLY !!! If you can't make your appointment, text,

call, (323-614-6768) or email and I'll reschedule.


  • DEPOSIT. Don't show, don't call and you're at the back of the line also 

forfeiting your deposit.

  • Only one guest per client may be present during a tattoo.

  • All work is at the sole discretion of the artist. THIS IS AN ART 


  • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

  • I DO NOT sell tattoo ink, equipment, or piercing needles to the general 



  • Now Working in San Bernardino, CA, and for the convenience of my 

out of state clients Email me for hotel info…

     Email Me To Book Your Appointment.

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All artwork and tattooing by Brandon Notch aka:Sacred Saint (copyright) Sacred Saint Studio and Art Gallery CA.